Concerts And Events

Perfect Place, Perfect Location

The SECC, Clyde Auditorium & SSE Hydro are the perfect location for any concert or event; the globally renowned SSE Hydro has been home to a broad array of spectacular concerts & events, the flexible design of the halls, the range of sizes and seating layouts that can be created means that the space can be enlarged or reduced to suit.

Whether you need a venue for a major rock concert, sporting event, ice show or theatrical production, SECC has the space to do whatever you want.

Concert Halls   Clyde Auditorium   Lomond Auditorium


Our aim is to make your life easy; not only is the venue superbly equipped but we have expert staff ready to provide a helping hand if it's needed. And, just as important, there's a ready audience on the doorstep. Glasgow is Scotland's largest city and it has been estimated that around 80% of the population of Scotland could be here within an hour's travel time.

Where to Stay

SECC is located within easy reach of the major city centre hotels.

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Venue Services

From Planning to Box office and everything inbetween.

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